Take Control of Your Time
Block distracting sites. Free yourself from distractions
Control your browsing content and stay focused
For Google Chrome, it's free

Get rid of distractions and stay focused

Do you need to eliminate distractions?... While we can't get rid of everything, we can help you make an effort to reduce or get rid of as many distractions in your browser as possible.

At Work
Boost your productivity and stay focused in the workplace by blocking distracting websites using Block Site’s Immediate Mode.
At School
Stop procrastinating and set your study schedule today with our Schedule feature. You’ll be an A grade student in no time!

Parental control

Block websites you don’t want your kids to use and limit their screen time with the original pin code feature

What can Get Block Site do for you?

Boost Your Productivity
We will help you stop procrastinating and instead become productive! Thanks to Get_block_site, you will be able to block websites, or notifications that distract you and stay focused on the things that are actually important. Learn to use your PC as a tool for better productivity!
Get more free time
Too busy to do anything? Keep missing deadlines? How so? We will help you get back the time spend on the phone! Get_block_site will ensure you enjoy your off time with your family and friends or doing things that matter to you.
Digital wellbeing
Can't even imagine life without your phone? There is no need to do that, but you should consider how you use it and focus on the useful aspects. Get_block_site will show you how and help you out!

Our Clients Love Us
Sarah Willson
This seems so useful. I'm always looking to minimize my distractions soI tried it and now I do not regret it. Thank you to the development team - a very simple but effective tool to focus and achieve your goals
Samuel Flather
Love the concept, I’ve been searching for similar tool. I'm glad I finally found one that just works. One goal I have is to eliminate reliance on Social Media which take up a lot of my time. Now I can better focus on work, and the ability to adjust the lock schedule allows me to adjust the hours of work and hours of rest.
Adam Knoll
This is much needed product and +1 that adults could benefit as well.
Although I am primarily the father of two children, it is important for me to limit their access to negative content. I can easily do this with the pin code feature. I recommend to all parents who care about the content that their children consume!
Start using for free.
Take the chance to be the best version of yourself
Get_block_site daily will help you achieve your goals and get rid of bad habits by eliminating everything unnecessary from your life.
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